Ms C.Z.A.M. Skanderova (Catharina Škanderová) LL.M. graduated in 2007 from the Faculty of Law of the University of Tilburg (Tilburg University). After completing the bachelors Dutch Law and International Law with an average of 7,5 (almost cum laude) she continued her studies with the master 'Dutch Criminal Law in Europe'. Her graduation thesis is called (translated from original Dutch title): 'Police cooperation on the basis of 'Schengen': success assured or doomed to failure?'. This is a comparative law study about the cooperation between police services of several countries on the basis of various agreements and treaties.

Ms Skanderova sees the European law component of criminal law passing by regularly and incidentally more often in criminal cases on Dutch soil. This is logical because the European Union (EU) has grown in the recent years, if not decades and is still growing. All knowledge that ms Skanderova gained during her studies is therefore now still very useful when dealing with her criminal cases.

Ms Skanderova took the attorney oath in 2010 and she worked as an employee of a medium-sized law firm in the region for the first few years. From January 2014 to August 2018 she was as an independant entrepreneur part of a partnership in Eindhoven. As of September, 1 2018 she continues her practice under the name Skanderova Advocaat.

Ms Skanderova provides in principle only legal assistance with regard to public law jurisdictions (jurisdictions that refer to the relationship between the government and the citizen). She is mainly practicing in criminal law, but also specialized in (special) administrative law including refugee-, as well as immigration law. Other types of cases are exceptionally negotiable.

Ms Skanderova has years of experience and expertise in all kinds of cases and will always provide you with honest legal advice. If a process is insurmountable, you can count on a decisive counselor, one who really stands next to you in order to defend your interests to the best of her knowledge and conscience. Her clients know that she can only rest when she knows that every case is under control and every client is satisfied.

Ms Skanderova handles cases both on a paying basis and on the basis of an (order for) addition (financed legal aid). She also works commissioned by the czech legal assistence insurar DAS in issues on Dutch territory and she has therefore concluded a processing agreement with the aforementioned company in the sense of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

'Those who don't jump will never fly...'