Criminal law

Ms C.Z.A.M. Skanderova (Škanderová) LL.M. has had a great penchant for criminal law since she was a student. With her experience of more than nine years as an attorney in criminal cases she will prepare and assist you from A  to Z during the criminal proceedings, but you can also still count on her after that. For example if after a criminal order from the Public Prosecution Service or (unforeseen) conviction you need a certificate of conduct (Dutch VOG) for your work which certificate is refused because of the information on your 'criminal record', or when you want to request for a  reprieve in connection with a penalty imposed on you that you can not undergo due to changed circumstances.

You can contact ms Skanderova in case of virtually all types of criminal suspicions concerning crimes (such crimes as murder or manslaughter, (other) violent crimes, property crimes, sexual offenses, drug law offenses, (serious) traffic offenses etc.) and virtually all types of procedures (seating at the Public Prosecution Service, police judge, multiple chamber criminal division, complaint - and request procedures, extradition - and surrender issues, transfer of criminal prosecution, or - punishment execution, requests for a reprieve, article 12 of the Dutch Code of Criminal procedures etc.).

Moreover, ms Skanderova can assist you in all national law bodies (up to and including conducting a cassation procedure before the Supreme Court of the Netherlands), but also when you wish to bring proceedings before the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR).

In principle ms Skanderova does not provide legal assistance to victims of crime, therefore only to suspects.

Administrative law

Ms Skanderova also provides legal assistance in administrative matters. Administrative law can relate to all sorts of procedures against the government or from the government towards you. For example, when the mayor refuses to grant you a catering and exploitation permit in connection with the so named Dutch Bibob Act, or when the mayor issues the intention to close your house, because of there detected drugs. Ms  Skanderova can assist you in an administrative law matter from the application - or proposal phase up to and including an appeal procedure.

Asylum and immigration law

Due to a continuous crowded (criminal law) practice, ms Skanderova only takes in asylum or immigration affairs in case of referral by the Legal Aid Board (Raad voor Rechtsbijstand Legal Aid).

Other types of cases

Ms Skanderova also has considerable experience in contract law matters (contracts and unlawful act cases), personal injury and medical disciplinary  proceedings. She can therefore assist you if problems arise in relation to one or more of the aforementioned topics.